Volunteer Lounge Manager 

This role is a little different as it involves looking after our own volunteers while they take a break and a refreshment. The Volunteer Lounge is a valuable space to relax and rest up between shifts. This is a fun role and an opportunity to catch up with your peers and hear the gossip from the day. At times the lounge may get busy, but you'll be rewarded with the thanks and appreciation of those who visit. The volunteer lounge will operate from Saturday 14:00. You'll need to arrive early to greet volunteers as they arrive to check-in prior to their shift start time.

  • Offer a warm welcome to volunteers

  • Serve volunteers with refreshments throughout the day

  • Ensure the lounge is kept clean and tidy at all times..

  • Allow the volunteers to recharge their mobile devices.

  • Seek the appropriate assistance from your Venue Manager should problems arise.

  • Be familiar with the venue's Emergency Procedures.