Hootie Venue Rep 

The role of the Hootie Venue Rep is to work with the Pub Landlord/Bar Manager to ensure the smooth running of the evening. You will represent the Hootie and manage all activities Hootie related. 


All Hootie Venues must have at least one VM on duty at all times who is ultimately responsible for their allocated zone. 

  • Make the Stage MC and the Sound Engineer aware of the Artist's arrival.

  • Communicate with the Programme Manager in the case of late comers.

  • Be fully familiar with the layout of the venue.

  • Liaise with the relevant people assigned to their area of responsibility. Security, Technicians, MCs, Bar manager, etc

  • Be aware of the roles that other volunteers perform within your area of responsibility.

  • Ensure security and volunteers are provided with refreshments.

  • Seek the appropriate assistance from other teams should problems arise.

  • Be familiar with venue's own Emergency procedures.

  • Your first point of contact is the Landlord/Manager should an emergency arise.

  • Delegate tasks to other team members as required.