Music Stage MCs

Do you have LIMITLESS energy and a desire to engage with a crowd while warming them up for their next ACT?


Can you introduce the ARTISTS on stage with gusto and humour?

Can you encourage a warm FESTIVAL WELCOME to bands  you've researched?


If the answer is YES to all of the above, then this may well be the ROLE for you! 

  • Be knowledgeable of the Artists appearing in your venue - both their music and their bio

  • Periodically announce the stage sponsor during the course of the evening.

  • Promote fun and crowd participation in the unlikely event of a technical mishap.

  • Keep the music programme running to schedule. 

  • Greet the Artists as they are introduced to you and help them settle in before taking to the stage.

  • Deal with any hiccups - No shows, late arrivals etc in a calm manner and make appropriate decisions.

  • Be familiar with the other Hootie volunteers within your venue and the roles they play.

  • Be aware of the emergency procedures in your Venue and the role that you may have to play.

  • Take instructions from H&S, Security and Venue Managers in the unlikely event of an emergency.