Marshall Shack Entrance - Meadow

Welcome our Festival Sponsors and other invited guests as they arrive at the VIP entrance in the Meadow. The entrance is supported by security.

  • Familiarise yourself with guests on the list prior to the event kick off.

  • Check-in the guest and provide with the appropriate wristband.

  • Accompany Sponsors to the Marshall Shack and transfer them to the hosts there.

  • Escort performing artists to the Main Meadow stage and introduce them to the MC.

  • Communicate with Programme manager in the case of late comers or no shows of artists for the Main Stage.

  • Seek the appropriate assistance from other teams should problems arise.

  • Be familiar with the Venue's Emergency procedures.

  • Keep the area around the Sponsor entrance clean, tidy and free of rubbish. Alert the Venue Manager if help is required.