Pre-Festival - General Crew

Meadow - Sandy Park - Food Festival - St Marks School - St Mellitus Church

The General Crew will provide support in the lead up to the festival. Those with experience of heavy lifting and working at heights are especially welcome. Crew members will also work alongside other teams to help them get the banners, bunting and decorations to the right height. You should also know your own limitations, take responsibility for yourself and adhere to our health & safety and safeguarding policies.

NB* Contractors will erect the main staging area and the marquees required for the festival.

  • DIY type tasks for the venues mentioned above (own tool kit handy)

  • Put up banners and bunting outside venues prior to the festival.

  • Marking out pre-defined pitches in advance of vendor arrival. 

  • Help the Hootie Angels as they jazz up the venues mentioned above.

  • Install signage around the festival sites.