Health & Safety Assistant

Why not join the Hootie Safety Team and gain some valuable experience working alongside health & safety professionals. Hanwell Hootie is fortunate to have a resident Health & Safety Advisor who is heavily experienced in Event Management. You will be provided with certified training prior to the event. Such training will give you an understanding of event risk assessments, emergency planning and safety inspections.

Health & Safety is an integral part of EVERY event so why not take this opportunity to learn what’s involved and how to dynamically assess live events. 


The Safety Team are on site during set-up and breakdown so you can assist in the following ways

  • Banksman duties at the Viaduct Meadow (Friday & Saturday)

  • Safety Inspections of venues prior to kick off on event day

  • Learn and assist the Noise Control Assistant on event day

  • Be proactive in dealing with hazards that may arise during the event